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Welcome to Global Paranormal Services TN online. We are a paranormal research group based in Cleveland Tennessee. The group consists of several core members who have shown a great deal of dedication to the research and subject in general. All of our investigations are done free of charge to our clients. All investigators have passed a criminal background check.

We endeavor to raise the profile of this field of research in the community and be there for those people who have issues that no one else wants to touch. If you have issues within your home or work place that are out of the normal or in some cases quite disturbing, we are here for you whether it is just for someone for you to talk to without being laughed at, or if you prefer we can send out investigators to have a look around and see if the case warrants a full team investigation. All investigations remain confidential unless specified.

If you feel the unexplained is happening to you and want answers feel free to contact us anytime by direct email: or fill out the form below, you can call us on our toll free number 800-494-9061. 

Our Reveal at the Chattanooga Public Library Friday night was great, with the busy day we managed to do a radio spot with Talk Radio 102.3 FM at 10:15 in the morning than the reveal at 7:00 pm. WRCB Channel 3 Chattanooga provided the coverage below as it was filmed during the reveal. We would like to thank all the library staff members, the teens involved, Talk Radio 102.3 and WRCB Channel 3 and everyone who came out to visit the library and be part of the reveal. Thank you all.

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Global Paranormal Services is one of the investigative groups involved in filming the new pilot series "Southern Ghosts"

Below is the trailer to my friend Chad Calek's new film A Blood Red Sky which is on tour. A must see when it comes to your city. Chad is a fantastic independant film producer, along with his AGH team creates riviting experiences in the paranormal field.

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